Natural Tree Rubber Charcoal Eco Travel Yoga Mat

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The beautiful 2mm pure LovEarth Travel Yoga Mat, coloured with Binchotan Charcoal - superb, purifying and clean. Most black mats are coloured with Carbon Black (look it up - definitely not cool). No PVC, PER or TPE because these are dangerous for environment and YOU. Made from Natural Tree Rubber and Jute fully biodegradable non-slip super sticky cross hatch surface Chemical Free

Why Choose A LovEarth Yoga Mat?
* LovEarth mats are made from Natural Tree Rubber and Jute
* They do not include PVC, PER or TPE
* LovEarth yoga mats are fully biodegradable
* Lovearth are a generous 173cm x 61cm x 2 mm
* LovEarth mats are brilliant for practising yoga on because they don’t slip
* LovEarth mats are fantastically durable
* LovEarth mats have no colour and so avoid the toxins inherent in most dying procedures
* LovEarth mats come in a Natural Jute carry bag
* LovEarth mats come with instructions about how to safely recycle for other purposes at the end of their natural life

All old yoga mats support yoga with disadvantaged groups that really need the yoga. Your purchase of a LovEarth mat is an act of conscious consumerism.

"This is my go-to mat for when I ride my bike to yoga or when I am going away for the weekend or traveling. The simple reason is that it is so light and easy to carry yet still so grippy and enjoyable to practise on. " Emma - Freedom Seeker

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