Natural Face & Body Spritz RADIATE

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100% Natural | Handmade in Sydney | Cruelty Free | Low Carbon Footprint

This range of natural spritzes are handmade using the finest quality essential oils - combined with a bit of magical know-how and some key ingredients to be the most divine range of multi-purpose spritzes. Harnessing the powers and attributes of natures apothecary, these essential oils have a range of properties such as antibacterial, antifungal, disinfectant, antidepressant, lymphatic drainage, reduction to inflammation, aid to relaxation, purifying and cleansing to name just a few.

All natural ingredients, organically sourced where possible, cruelty free, reusable, recyclable  Love Mother Earth, Consume Conciously.

Freedom Seekers Face & Body Spritz - Radiate
Energising, Balancing, Relaxing
If you want to radiate energy from every pore then you need this exotic scent with top note of rose geranium and a touch of lavender. The Rose Geranium is excellent for your skin and will bring a rosy dewy glow to anyone's tired complexion. Lavender is an excellent essential oil for relaxation, calm, sleep and migraine relief. This beautiful blend of power is such great fragrance you can use it wherever you go!

Rose Geranium & Lavender Essential Oils, Filtered Water, Organic Plant Based Solubiliser

How to Use:
Spray twice on face (with closed eyes), 20cm away and all over the body as many times a day as desired. Do not get in contact with eyes and always spray a test patch to skin before use.

Size: 100ml

"Radiate is my favourite of all the Freedom Seekers Spritz ranges. I use it to rebalance and calm my home and carry in my bag to give me a pick me up throughout the day" Angie Freedom Seeker

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