Earth Bottles

Insulated Water Bottle 750ml Dark Ebony Faux Wood

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Earth Bottles are beautiful bottles made from the highest quality double insulated stainless steel. The beautiful sleek design keeps water cold for 24 hours, liquids warm for 12 hours, and fizzy forever! Better still, no more wet condensation on your bottle or burnt hands, as our unique double-walled design protects the outside of the bottles and cups from temperature changes from both inside and out, as well as protecting the contents inside. Earth Bottles are so versatile, they can be used as a cold water bottle in summer, a thermos in winter, and pour your fizzy drinks in to keep them carbonated longer.

So....Why choose Earth Bottles?
* High grade 18/8 stainless steel and the highest quality materials for our bottles, cups and lids
* Bottles and coffee cups are sustainable and stylish products
* Support a small, locally-owned Australian company, winner of the GALA Gift and Life Instyle Awards “Best Eco Product” 2016
* Discourages the use of a one-time use plastic bottles and coffee cups
* BPA Free
* Keeps hot things hot for 12 hours
* Keeps cold things cold for 24 hours
* No condensation

Best of all, proceeds from sales of Earth Bottles and Cups go to helping Australian charities, such as Breast Cancer (Pink bottles), Beyond Blue (Turquoise bottles), Water Aid (Orange bottles) and various other beach clean-up projects.

Size: 750ml

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