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Plastic Free | Non Toxic | Reusable | Sustainable | Certified Organic | Leakproof

hannahpad is a non-toxic menstrual cloth pad option that is designed and made in Korea that has been launched to the Australian market. Almost 4.2 million Australian women aged between 14-54 would have purchased menstrual products (tampons, sanitary pads, panty liners) in the last month. You can only imagine the amount of waste these disposable options will produce in a year (~45,000 tonnes) from women with regular menstrual cycles.

Disposable tampons and pads can take hundreds of years to decompose and the toxic chemicals released into the earth and air is harmful on the environment, animals and humans. This is not only an Australian issue but a worldwide concern that should be taken seriously. hannahpads have a lifespan of 2-3 years or longer depending on personal use and care. In comparison to disposables, the organic cotton material can take about 12 months to biodegrade and compost.

It is more important now than ever to switch to washable organic cloth pads as they are made from certified organic cotton that is unbleached and non-dyed, healthier on the body, reduces landfill waste, and just more bang for your buck.

hannahpad Wash Kit
Everything you need to wash and care for your hannahpads - with proper care hannahpads can last 2-3 years or longer depending on use and care.

1 x Laundry Soap
1 x Stain Remover

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