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Natural Whey Protein (All Flavour Gift Pack)

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This All Flavour Gift Pack contains:

  • 1 x Naturally Vanilla 500g
  • 1 x Naturally Cocoa 500g
  • 1 x Naturally Naked 500g

For detailed ingredients for each favour please see individual listings

Low Fat | Low Carb | Low Sugar | No Preservatives | Gluten Free | Easy to Digest

100% Natural Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate
At Health Australia Protein Powder is a fantastic addition to your everyday diet, packed with essential nutrients to support your journey to good health. 100% natural with no preservatives, fillers or refined sugars, using the highest quality  New Zealand ‘grass-fed’ Whey Protein Isolate and packed with essential nutrients. Use it daily to assist in lean muscle development, muscle recovery post work-out, weight loss and more. 

Key Benefits:
* Build lean muscle mass
* Recover and recharge tired muscles after a workout
* Lose weight
* Increase energy levels
* Boost immunity
* Cleanse and detox
* Support general health and wellbeing

Simply shake, stir or blend our products with your favourite smoothie or nut milk for a fast and nourishing health boost. Or, follow an easy recipe for a healthy snack alternative the whole family will love! For optimum results, use within 30mins of your workout. Size: 1.5kg (3 x 500g)

"I like to mix a protein shake as part of my healthy breakfast. It gives me energy to get through a busy working day. Compared to other shakes I've tried, At Health Australia has great flavours with no bitter aftertaste and the 1kg bags mean you're getting a great price for every day use." Gordon, Customer Feedback

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