Citrus Fruit, Jasmine & Mint Candle 300g

Citrus Fruit, Jasmine & Mint Candle 300g

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Hand Crafted in Sydney | Natural Wax Blend | Organic Cotton Wick

Our sense of smell being our body’s most strongest sense, has a true power in being able to ignite memories that will last you a lifetime. Whatever the memory may be, there is something truly special in being able to capture it within a fragrance. Sahh Boutique pride themselves on the ability to transform your atmosphere into something spectacular! A sensational fragrance doesn’t just smell good, it takes you to somewhere out of your existing space. Whether that be somewhere you have visited in a distant memory or it be a serene paradise you’ve imagined in your mind, Sahh Boutique Candles will take you there.

Citrus Fruit, Jasmine & Mint Candle
Citrus splashes of tangerine, lime and star anise with a hint of freshly cut grass. Refreshing touches of spearmint and peppermint leaves combined with a soft base of jasmine

Hand blown heat resistant glass jar
100% organic cotton wick
Unique blend of natural waxes for a smooth finish
A mixture of unique fragrances

Candle Care:
To ensure a clean burn, always trim the wick before relighting your candle. Never leave your candle unattended and do not continue to burn your candle once only 1cm of wax remains. Always store in a cool, dry space.

300g | approximately 80 hour burn time

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