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Certified Organic Tamanu Oil 50ml

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Certified Organic | Easily Absorbed | For Clean and Bright Skin | 

To live the pure lifestyle, one must first nourish, then enrich.

Certified Organic Tamanu Oil
Every Bit Organic’s (EBO) Tamanu Oil comes from Fiji. Grown in tropical countries the tree produces clusters of fruit, and oil is extracted from the kernel that has been cured naturally for 6-8 weeks. EBO’s cold-pressed, first-pressed extraction process means each bottle maintains absolute purity. No added chemicals. No harsh treatments. No dilatants. 100% unadulterated.

How to Use
For best results, apply Raw Tamanu Oil in the AM and PM, after cleansing or exfoliation.

What to expect
After just one application, your skin looks and feels clear and vibrant—without clogging pores

Shelf Life 
18 – 24 months. Store in a cool, dry place

Available in
50 ml

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