Charity Vote


We Are The Freedom Store is managed by a team of spirited and creative individuals who also have a very strong sense of community and a social conscience. For this reason we decided to give back. 

We are passionate about the environment, animals and people. We mean to assist the fight to freedom for all by supporting causes which we believe will help bring about social equality and environmental sustainability. Our key mantra is to promote 'conscious consuming'.

Therefore we watch how we tread, where we purchase and why we purchase so that our consumers do not have to, but yet they will know they have bought consciously via our store. Furthermore to put our money where our mouth is, on a Bi-monthly basis proceeds from the sales of goods on our store are made to charitable causes which are synonymous with our philosophy.

Two charities are selected every two months. You can help your favourite cause by voting.

Please help us to make conscious consuming common place.

Our current chosen charities are:

We campaign on climate change, rivers, oceans, forests, and for a nuclear free, sustainable Australia.


WWF's mission is to halt the degradation of our planet's natural resources and preserve our life-support system – the environment. By doing things smarter, we aim to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature, preserving biodiversity so that we all benefit and enjoy our most precious gift. The Earth.

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