About us

We Are The Freedom Store was founded by three friends and work associates who strongly believe in improving their lifestyles for the better. The driving force behind this ambition was to 'feel good' and 'do good'. Therefore all of the wonderfully unique and impressive products on the store have been personally trialed and tested by the team and will always come with their full seal of approval - so that you can 'feel good'.

We rate every product based on their eco footprint (production/supply chain, ingredients etc) and sustainability (waste reduction, organic materials, reuse, recycle etc), as well as the Health and Wellness rating which determines how good they may potentially be for your lifestyle.

And we passionately believe in conscious consumption and the reduction of the consumer footprint, so we have committed to carefully choosing relevant charities that we support on your behalf in this plight for sustainable commodities - so that you can 'do good' too. 

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So why not join us and set your mind, body and soul free.....