JUMPIN JACK Unisex Achilles Support Sleeve

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THE FREEDOM SOCK                                                                                                        

Exclusively to The Freedom Store, The Freedom Sock comprises of a range of ergonomically designed socks and legwear all with great added health benefits. If you suffer from Plantar Faciitis, Achilies Tendonitis, Heel Spurs, Foot Pronation and High or Low Arches then these socks can make a great difference to your health and wellness by giving you the support you need. 

JUMPIN JACK - Calf Support Sleeve

The "Jumpin Jack" is a black and bright coloured sports calf sleeve with some great added benefits:


  • Kinesio Taping Built In
  • Graduated Compression
  • Stimulates Circulation
  • Archilles Gel Insert for Shock Absorption
  • Prevents Sports Injuries
  • Ankle Stabiliser
  • Fast Leg Recovery
We support FREEDOM & EQUALITY. Proceeds from the purchase of Freedom Socks go to charity. Go to to vote for your favourite cause every month.



  • 18% Polyester
  • 66.8% Nylon
  • 5.2% Spandex
  • 100% TPR-Gel
M/L  Calf Length 32-40cm
        Calf Circumference 30-45cm
        Ankle Circumference 20-25cm
L/XL Calf Length 37-45cm
        Calf Circumference 38-53cm
        Ankle Circumference 25-30cm





  1. When cleaning the gel product, use clean water (below 30oC) or neutral detergent.
  2. Our gel products can be machine-washed, but please use laundry bags.
  3. Dry in the shade and avoid the direct sunlight. The direct sunlight will cause the product lose its elasticity and function.
  4. DO NOT dry clean the product.
  5. DO NOT use bleach or any detergent with chlorine.
  6. DO NOT twist the product(the gel part).


"I work on ropes and my legs can get sore. I use the calf sleeve at night when I get home to help my muscles recover. It has become my daily routine." Cian - Customer feedback







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