Who's your Friendie, mamma?

Ok so when we decided to get headphones onto the store we knew they couldn't be just any run of the mill headphones, they would have to be super spectacular, I'm talking the dog's bollocks' bees knees, and that could only mean one thing....WIRELESS!! As a bike rider, exerciser and someone who loves zoning into my own musical head space, plus a chronic phone talker - heaphones are very important to me. However they can be a real pain too, think of all the times the cord has been tangled up in your bag or isn't quite long enough to reach from your backpack or basket to your ears when riding your bike. So when we heard about Friendie headphones we had to try them!

Friendie AIR Active wireless headphones

I am happy to report that I have road tested the latest in headphone technology, AIR Active wirelless in-ear headphones both whilst bike riding and for phone calls in the office and while chillaxing to my itunes or spotify playlists at home and I am pleased to give them the big thumbs up!


- Friendie's sound quality and consistency of quality sound is far superior to the iphone earphones or any others I have tried

- Friendie pairs easily with your phone and has an icon top right to let you know you are paired and how much battery remains of the headphones plus the battery recharges easily through your PC via a USB drive

- Friendie are easy to insert into your ear, simply put them in and turn them until they fit, they have a soft rubber hook that finds its place in any ear - and we tested these on a man, woman and a child and all raved about them!!

Woman testing Friendie headphones

Child testing Friendie headphones

- Friendie sound quality is great as aforementioned and it works up to about 4-5 metres away from the paired device, however if you are in the next room to your device the sound starts to cut out but that is fairly standard for any wireless device


So who's your Friendie now?

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