The Reckoning

The Team at WE ARE THE FREEDOM STORE are big believers in putting their money where their mouth is and as such every product which we sell has been personally trialed, reviewed and vetted before it will hit the store. We believe in our products so much that we have made them part of our daily routine as part of our commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

For instance our Action Taker now drinks BONDI BEACH START ME UP TEA every morning instead of coffee (look out for a post about quitting coffee soon) and cycles to work and yoga using her new HENTY BACKPACK; and our Operator wears both EQUMEN undershirts and FREEDOM SOCKS everyday (look out for our blog on socks for charity soon); and finally our Oracle aka. Customer Service extraordinaire swears by NEUROLEX as a way to reduce inflammation in the body keeping her feeling light and IBS free (check out our inflammation the silent killer blog up next).


So please regard this blog (The Reckoning) as your window into the uses and benefits of the products we have for you on our store and always feel confident in the knowledge that they have been tested on real humans (not animals) before you, and have been given the big thumbs up!!

Conversely, we love feedback, therefore if you wish to review one of our products or provide feedback we welcome this.

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Happy conscious shopping


The Team @ We Are The Freedom Store