The Power of Three

The Power of Three - explained

During the extended lockdown period of 2021, We Are The Freedom Store founders did some soul searching on behalf of the store. What do our customers want? And how do they want to receive it? So now that we are in 2022 let’s start the year off with a better understanding of what you would like more of on the store…

After much pontification, long walks, the occassional Netflix, Stan and Binge episodic viewing, also some sweating on our mats in our living rooms, and of course a little divine intervention, we came up with... The Power of Three!

The Power of Three offers our loyal customers a new way to shop for products they love by tagging their key inner strengths (‘the power’) with products which resonate and talk to these powers.

Here are the powers - click to view a range of products suited to you.

The Yin Within

Force of Nature

Mindful Master
A Whole Lotta All 

We hope you find your power and that we can help you to continue on your wellness journey. All the best well wishes WATFS xo