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As you may well be aware we are pretty keen on spreading the word to all our peeps (and anyone who will listen) about being personally responsible for the reduction of single use plastics. Why is this so important? Well we believe that all Australian's deserve clean, healthy oceans full of marine life and in order to save our oceans from a polluted fate we must act now. Help us turn the tide by stopping your personal use of single-use plastics. We are urging you to join the plastic free revolution and we want you to know how easy it...

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How to pick the perfect yoga mat?   Choosing a yoga mat either for the first time or to replace a beloved old mat can be very difficult. Why? Because it is such a personal choice, let’s face it you are going to get down and sweaty with it a few times a week, so it needs to suit you. And if you are replacing your old dog-eared mat which has trekked all round India with you or was purchased in Byron for that life changing surf/yoga retreat then it is even more tricky as you are replacing memories of...

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Every single person on this planet should ask themselves this question as the answer will affect the future of our planet. Our choices today have a flow on effect to our planet’s sustainable longevity by shaping economic development (consumerism) and human empowerment (consciousness). Basically if we shop sensibly our everyday consumer choices have the power to shape the future….pretty awesome right! So let’s rise to this occasion and take this responsibility on, making consuming a feel good and do good task. Here are some tips on how you can become a conscious consumer; 1. Become conscious – most people don’t know what...

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