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Shake things up!

If you want to build lean muscle, support weight loss or aid muscle recovery then you need to get into protein shakes!!! And while your at it, why not do it the 100% natural way by choosing a protein powder that has no nasties, only natural, high quality proteins to provide you with all the essential nutrients you need to support your journey to good health. "A Healthy outside starts from the inside" - Robert Urich We are conscious that a good protein is hard to find and therefore we have searched high and low to bring you the best; 100% NATURAL NO ADDITIVES, FILLERS, GUMS OR PRESERVATIVES HIGH PROTEIN LOW FAT LOW CARB LOW OR NO SUGAR GLUTEN FREE...

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If The Mat Fits!

How to pick the perfect yoga mat?   Choosing a yoga mat either for the first time or to replace a beloved old mat can be very difficult. Why? Because it is such a personal choice, let’s face it you are going to get down and sweaty with it a few times a week, so it needs to suit you. And if you are replacing your old dog-eared mat which has trekked all round India with you or was purchased in Byron for that life changing surf/yoga retreat then it is even more tricky as you are replacing memories of your life’s journey.   So how do we emotionally detach and cut the cord by throwing away the old and...

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