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Lets all go eat dirt!

Is dirt Mother Nature's best kept secret? And is it the life-giving mineral? Let’s try and decode the true benefits of this supplement and get to the bottom of whether eating dirt is actually good for you…. Have you heard of Diatomaceous Earth? Food grade Diatomaceous Earth is a silica rich powder approved for consumption by humans. This fossilized flour holds microscopic-algae and is primarily composed of amorphous (non-crystalline) silicon dioxide, which is rapidly being recognized for its long list of health benefits. What is it? Diatomaceous earth is a porous silicon structured diatom; which essentially means single celled algae organisms encased in silicon. We all need silica in our bodies from the moment we are born until we pass...

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I quit coffee

OK so before you all hurl abuse at me for quitting the most sociable drink on the planet (besides wine) and of course one of the most comforting daily wonders in a cup – hear me out…. It all began when I decided to kick start my health regime, I was coming out of a long hibernating style of winter, you know the one where chocolate biscuits and sweet treats seem to become essential to your daily needs and an uncomfortable tyre is forming around your mid section. So anyway I had my habit, my coffee habit that is, it was a daily routine – get to work and then make myself a coffee before the days work began, then...

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