Your workout buddy!

Can chocolate be the key to peak performance?

Peak Chocolate is the world's first sports supplement enriched chocolate.

Dark chocolate is finally reclaiming its birthright as an uber healthy, energy producing powerhouse of a snack, and it is one of the most viable sources of antioxidants on the planet.

The health properties of cacao have been recognised for thousands of years. The Aztecs prized cacao as a liquid tonic. They believed it to be an aphrodisiac which also endowed  the drinker with greater strength. It was even included as an essential part of Aztec soldiers rations. Peak Chocolate are further optimising the potential of this superfood by combining dark chocolate's incredible nutritional profile with the recognised benefits of the best performance enhancing supplements. 

Say goodbye to overly processed and preserved performance bars that look, feel and taste like plastic. Peak Chocolate is as delicious as it is nutritious! This 80 per cent cacao chocolate is made from 100 per cent premium Belgian chocolate. Their master chocolatiers blend the chocolate with the supplements until they are completely coated by the liquid chocolate so that it melts beautifully in the mouth. The result is an intense, smooth, high quality dark chocolate that delivers all of the important supplements without impacting texture or compromising flavour.

So what is in it that makes it so good?

A formula for success (the ingredients..)


Cacao improves concentration and focus in a number of ways. Not only does it enhance alertness by increasing blood flow to the brain, cacao contains a host of naturally occurring chemicals that promote strength and endurance.

Creatine Monohydrate

Naturally produced in the body, Creatine has consistently proven to be one of the most effective supplements in the sports science world. It can increase explosive power and improve your ability to build muscle.

Branched Chain Amino Acids - BCAAs

BCAAs are universally used and approved by professional athletes. Including this special combination of amino acids in your pre-workout can enhance lean muscle growth, delay muscular fatigue and simultaneously aid fat loss.

Caffeine (extracted from )

Caffeine is a powerful stimulant that will immediately lift your mood and energy levels. Research has shown it can delay the onset of fatigue in workouts, leading to faster recovery and more reps. Our mix of amino acids and caffeine also ensures a more steady and consistent energy release, so say goodbye to those coffee jitters.

Himalayan Rock Salt

This is one of the premium forms of salt on earth, containing all 84 elements in the body. Salt plays an essential role in regulating fluid content and balancing blood sugar levels, allowing you to perform at your peak. Don’t fret about losing all your sodium sweating it out in the gym, Peak Chocolate will be waiting to top-up your levels.

Satisfying, convenient and enormously beneficial!

"I don't know what I would do without my monthly supply of Peak chocolate, it really is the perfect pre-workout snack. I take it before weight training and also 30 min before my early morning bootcamp. Gives me the boost I need and the gains I want, better than any protein bar! Plus it tastes great and almost feels like you are having a cheeky snack!" Christian - Freedom Seeker