Live to consume or consume to live…..that is the question??

Every single person on this planet should ask themselves this question as the answer will affect the future of our planet. Our choices today have a flow on effect to our planet’s sustainable longevity by shaping economic development (consumerism) and human empowerment (consciousness). Basically if we shop sensibly our everyday consumer choices have the power to shape the future….pretty awesome right! So let’s rise to this occasion and take this responsibility on, making consuming a feel good and do good task. Here are some tips on how you can become a conscious consumer;

1. Become conscious – most people don’t know what they don’t know, so why not open your eyes to the consumption footprint by asking; Where things are made? What are they made of? How are they made? These simple questions will help you start the conscious consumption journey

2. Shop Smarter – buy less but buy quality, this speaks for itself but the basics of this principle are to reject the throw away mentality and invest in goods that last as this reduces waste

3. Read the label – there are always marketing tricks on packaging so make sure you read the labels small print (ingredients/contents etc) and look for eco-friendly methods

4. Buy local – this means the transportation of the goods is reduced and hence the impact on the environment is positively affected (reduction in fuel consumption and less carbons into the atmosphere)

5. Support small businesses – products are usually made with love and it shows in the end result plus buying direct from small business is a great way to grow the local economy/community as well as stopping the corporate giants (the biggest resource wasters) from continuing to increase market share

So please join in the movement to become a conscious consumer and use your power to harness sustainable outcomes that we can all enjoy! Happy conscious shopping…..SHOP