Lets all go eat dirt!

Is dirt Mother Nature's best kept secret? And is it the life-giving mineral?

Let’s try and decode the true benefits of this supplement and get to the bottom of whether eating dirt is actually good for you….

Have you heard of Diatomaceous Earth? Food grade Diatomaceous Earth is a silica rich powder approved for consumption by humans. This fossilized flour holds microscopic-algae and is primarily composed of amorphous (non-crystalline) silicon dioxide, which is rapidly being recognized for its long list of health benefits.

What is it?

Diatomaceous earth is a porous silicon structured diatom; which essentially means single celled algae organisms encased in silicon. We all need silica in our bodies from the moment we are born until we pass to keep our body healthy and balanced. According to Novel Prize winner Professor Adolf Butenant (1939) the existence of life is not possible without silica, he believed it to be a vital nutrient that should be continually ingested from food sources.

Where does it come from?

Food grade Diatomaceous earth is taken from the earths crust. They are natural sedimentary minerals that formed when algae-like plants died and continued to be compounded within the earth’s surface as skeletal remains approx. 30 million years ago! It is a clay like, chalky-siliceous powder.

Why do we need Diatomaceous earth?

Humans used to consume enough silica through their regular balanced diet. However modern farming methods have resulted in toxic chemicals being leeched into the earth and hybrid produce becoming available. This has changed the soil and subsequently the minerals in our food. Now studies claim that we only receive 1/3 of our silica needs from our fruits and vegetables.

What are the benefits of Diatomaceous Earth?

There are innumerable benefits to ingesting enough diatomaceous earth. It is an amazing anti aging supplement which protects our bones from becoming brittle as it converts to calcium where needed, and it protects our tendons, cartilage and bloodstream. It is also required to keep the strength in our teeth, nails and the collagen in our skin to keep us looking young naturally. And it is important to our digestion and our organs vitality such as the liver, lungs and heart.

There is a list longer than my arm of benefits to taking Diatomaceous Earth read more

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would be writing to you all recommending the benefits of eating dirt. But here I am as a guinea pig that has been testing Diatomaceous earth now for a few weeks and straight away I could feel the benefit to my gut. Good gut health is the key to a healthy body and makes you feel lighter, healthy and happier. We recommend trying;

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So come on, let’s all go eat dirt!