Kester Black is back...

We are so excited, Kester Black is back in stock AND we now have 6 amazing new colours to add to the toxen free family!!!


Why we love Kester Black;

It’s simple – they make nail polish that’s kind on you and kind on the planet.

Founded in 2014 by designer Anna Ross, Kester Black blends ethics and beauty in a way that redefines the industry standard. Their hand and nail products are cruelty free and vegan - always have been, and always will be!

2 Main reasons we choose Kester Black;

The main thing which attracts us to Kester Black is the absence of toxens, in particular camphor. Did you know that camphor is used in most standard nail polishes, but that it is synthetically made from turpentine oil, the same stuff that strips paint! Eek Read More

And the second, just as important thing, is that they are officially cruelty free, they do not test on animals. Believe it or not the beauty industry is not so beautiful to our furry freinds, more brands than you think (and big ones) still conduct the cruel and shady practise of animal testing. Not on right.. Read More

We Are The Freedom Store proudly supports cruelty free products!