If The Mat Fits!

How to pick the perfect yoga mat?


Choosing a yoga mat either for the first time or to replace a beloved old mat can be very difficult. Why? Because it is such a personal choice, let’s face it you are going to get down and sweaty with it a few times a week, so it needs to suit you. And if you are replacing your old dog-eared mat which has trekked all round India with you or was purchased in Byron for that life changing surf/yoga retreat then it is even more tricky as you are replacing memories of your life’s journey.


So how do we emotionally detach and cut the cord by throwing away the old and buying a new? Simple, by doing something even better…

When its time to look for a new mat why not ‘go green’ and make a feel good decision about your practice. This can be achieved in a number of ways;

  1. Donate your old mat to a recycle program – if your mat seriously went all round India with you and is 10 years old then we are sorry to say it but recycling is the only way Click here to recycle


  1. Donate to your local school, day care, aged care or re-purpose your mat around the home – if your mat is in pretty good nick but its time for a new one as it is not quite right for you (too long, too short, curls during practice, slips etc) then why not give it away to someone or some place that can re-purpose it. Here are 50 suggestions for re-purposing your mat Read More


  1. Purchase an eco mat – why not make a conscious decision to buy a mat that is toxen free (good for you) and which is biodegradable (good for the earth). Plus some brands will even donate to charity or plant a tree on your behalf when you buy one of their mats (good for everyone!). These are our absolute faves;
    1. CORK LEAF Shop
    2. LovEarth Shop

As a yogi it is important to practice with consciousness and intent, so why not also project that into the world in which we live, and what better way to start than with your very own mat. Good luck on your conscious consumption journey!


Namaste x