Well...Mike Blue, or as he is affectionately known to his friends 'Bluey', did just that. Disillusioned with the way society treats people and the planet, he decided to flee conventional societal norms and set off on a pot hole filled, back-road adventure as far away from Western civilisation as you can possibly get.

Born and bred in Australia he is a good 'ol Aussie larakin but with a social, moral and sustainable conscience. It was this conscience that had been playing on his mind, posing questions of our purpose "Do we work in the pursuit of money and material possessions only? Is this ALL THERE IS to life?" For twenty years, Michael Blue, an accountant trapped on the corporate treadmill, contemplated these questions.

Now he lives in a bus in the dense jungles of Northern Sumatra. This is his idea of freedom. He is a fugitive of an unusual kind, an escapee from the work-consume-die hamster wheel. He has a simple existence without much use for work or money.

This is the story of how he got there. Michael takes us along for the ride as he reflects on four previous failed escape attempts. It is amongst these stories, his meetings with Shamans in the Amazon, the lessons from a sex-crazed marsupial, and his revelations during lonely rides in frozen chicken trucks, that we discover the hard-learned secrets of a successful escape artist.

Amongst his adventures, he dismantles commonly held beliefs about success, work, money, and ownership. And then, from the remains, with an uncomplicated perspective on health, wealth, and happiness, he reconstructs what it means to live a good life.

The result is at once a travel story and a firsthand experiential blueprint, guide or perhaps anatomy of escape. So why not crack a beer and a tin of sardines and join him and his unique and out of the blue (pun intended) way of viewing the world, and experience the crazy adventures that ensue.



A real life tale of a guy escaping commercialism and western civilisation