Certified Organic Cold Pressed Oils – so what?

Many of us may hear from around the traps (social media mainly) that certified organic is a must, and you may also have heard the term cold-pressed, BUT what does this all mean and why on earth am I being told to use these products?? Good question. One which we asked ourselves when setting up this store, as we wanted to provide lifestyle products that are good for you and good for the globe, but without any of the mumbo jumbo or marketing hype!

So without further ado, let us explain the reasons why certified organic AND cold pressed are important;

CERTIFIED ORGANIC: this term is very strict and hence many great natural products cannot claim this, however to be certified organic you must have all ingredients listed and over 95% should be certified organic, meaning they are free of synthetic additives such as pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and dyes, and may not be processed using industrial solvents, irradiation or genetic engineering, and any additives must be from the pre-approved list. As mentioned there are other degrees of organic which may not be certified organic, such as 100% organic or 100% natural, these products may very well be amazing and should not be ignored, however it simply means they do not have the certification. Perhaps they had only 70% of ingredients as certified or they are not organic instead they are natural. Natural products can be just as amazing, the trick is to check where they are sourced from, if it is a farm with sustainable practices then you are likely to have just as  high quality products, however I guess the key differentiator from certified organic  is that you simply may not know the true source. Certified Organic gives you that assurance as all the checks have been done for you.  READ MORE https://lifehacker.com/5941881/what-does-organic-really-mean-and-should-i-buy-it?IR=T

COLD PRESSED OILS: cold pressing of oils is the process of compacting seeds and plants between two plates, thereby releasing their natural oil. The application of heat to this process can speed it up and produce more oil, however it can also break down the nutritional content and weaken the aromas. That is why cold pressing is so much more preferable for those who care about the purity and the benefits of the oils themselves. Refining oils is a different treatment again, this is where oils are ‘washed’ in a chemical solution (usually sodium hydroxide) and then deoderised and bleached. Often refined oils are cut with cheaper oils to keep costs down. The process can strip nutrients and antioxidants present in virgin oils, such that the benefits are greatly reduced.

So what benefits do we get from virgin unrefined, cold pressed  oils?

Well depending on the oil, a multitude of benefits can be achieved from using these oils, ranging from;

  • Grapeseed oil - Anti-wrinkle, anti-scar and anti-inflammatory effects (great for anti-aging)
  • Jojoba oil - Anti-bacterial, skin softening and antibacterial effects  (great for breakouts)
  • Rosehip oil - Lightening of dark spots and pigmentation and reduction to aging effects (great for freckles)
  • Coconut oil - Supreme hydration, anti-inflammatory & antibacterial (perfect for soft supple and clear skin)

We stand by our favourite certified organic cold pressed oil skincare range  Jak Organics