Bean of approval

I don’t drink coffee anymore so why would I want to put it on my body? That is the question I asked myself when I was asked to trial the new range of Mr Bean Organic Coffee Bean scrubs.

So before I reacquainted myself with the coffee bean I decided to do some research into what benefits (if any) it may have for the body, and I was pretty amazed at what I found…

Coffee beans can actually have amazing benefits for both men and women's skin?

Now let’s be clear I am not talking the instant coffee varieties or bagged ground coffee, I am referring to coffee beans which have been ground to a fine yet course enough consistency and mixed with essential oils and vitamins specifically for use on the body.

By using a coffee scrub on your skin you can expect several benefits, such as; exfoliating and anti-inflammatory properties, temporary reduction of cellulite, improved circulation and stimulated blood flow, reduced eye puffiness, reduction of age spots and smoother skin.

So I set out to ascertain if any of the above could happen to me…

The first thing I noticed when I opened the Bean Body scrub was the amazing aroma that greeted me, the coconut oil, vitamin E, vanilla and sea salt combined beautifully with the coffee aroma and took me to a happy place. Next was the scrub itself, it is fine enough to hold in your hand but it clumps together (probably because of the coconut oil) and therefore you are less likely to drop it/waste, rubbing on the skin was a cinch – the scrub did not feel coarse or damaging to the skin and a little went a long way. It definitely made an impact as my skin felt immediately smoother and softer. I will however let you know it is not a ‘hard core’ exfoliator so for those of you that like to wear self tanner or need to get rid of tough skin around the feet areas this may not be the only solution for you but if you want to have extremely smooth and clean feeling skin with the promise of increased blood flow and a short term reduction of cellulite then this might be your go-to!


The only disclaimer I wish to make with this delicious scrub is try not to eat it or put it in your percolator as it is only for the exterior of the body and not to be consumed. Oh and make sure you take your trusted squidgy into the shower with you to clean up any unwanted coffee beans from your shower before your other half or flat-mates start some serious complaints about your showering behaviours!!

Generally though this is a fun product to use, as it is such a sensory experience, you feel a bit like a kid taking a scented mud bath but you come out feeling quite glorious!


Also for those cellulite sufferer’s out there (luckily I am not), the benefits of coffee only work temporarily, so I would suggest making this part of your weekly showering routine to keep the benefits omnipresent.


Now go forth and coffee bean your body, you have my bean of approval! BUY NOW