As Good as Golden...

Honey has been used for millennia as a foodstuff but also for its medicinal properties. You may have heard recently that hospitals have returned to using pure medicinal grade honey for wound healing and one of the most sought after is the rare golden nectar from New Zealand called Kanuka Honey. 


Collection of Kanuka honey only happens once a season when the Kanuka flowers are in full bloom on Great Barrier Island. This golden nectar is clinically proven to be packed with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial clout. We choose to stock the Sven's Island brand, learn more about it here

So what makes this rare golden delight just so special?

Well it's all down to a unique Glycoprotein - AGP Protein (Arabinogalactan) that displays strong anti-inflammatory properties. AGP stimulates the cells of the immune system and releases cytokines which are proteins used to heal and repair the wound and help settle the irritation of an infection.

In addition, there are a high concentration of antibacterial properties known as ‘DHA’ which is also known as UMF or Unique Manuka Factor and a phytonutrient compound called hydrogen peroxide which has antimicrobial features.

It's great to know all the science but what does that actually mean?

Due to the high levels of the unique compounds found in Sven’s Island Kanuka Honey AGP Protein, DHA, NPA, this unique honey is effective in treating a range of topical skin conditions which range from acne to early skin cancer lesions and can bring a lot of relief to people who suffer from atopic skin diseases such as these below:

Product Uses Body/Topically:

* Actinic Keratosis
* Rosacea
* Burns
* Acne
* Wounds
* Eczema
* Dermatitis
* Bruises
* Psoriasis
* Cold
* Skin Lesions
* Infections
* Sores
* Post-Op Infections
* Molluscum Contagiosum

Kanuka, which is lower in sugar and slightly less bitter than Manuka, can 'also be taken internally to promote good gut health and fight infections such as sore throats, as well as urinary track infections and heaps more.


* Chrohns Disease
* Ulcers
* Stomach Pains
* E.coli
* S. Aureus
* Urinary Tract Infections
* Sore Throats
* Arthritis
* Joint Pain
* Gut Issues
* Diarrhoea 


We have customers globally that swear by the Sven's Island range for a variety of medical conditions. As well as the pure medi-grade honey there is a whole range of topical products from hand cream to lip balm - check out the full range online now...